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"Re-examine all that you have been told,

dismiss that which insults your soul." 

-Walt Whitman
Marcus Olozulu
Wiccan by Marcus Olozulu - Front cover image


The stunning debut novel from up and coming author MARCUS OLOZULU......


When his partner goes missing whilst researching witchcraft, Peter could not have possibly foreseen the things to come. He hires a private detective to help him. More and more mysteries crop up to be solved and it is not clear if his partner was involved in something sinister himself whilst at the village. The story is a modern tale of love with an interconnectedness of X Files, The Wicker Man and Murder She Wrote.

Now available to buy in paperback from Amazon

Wiccan - A Novel by Marcus Olozulu - Front Cover
Wiccan - A Novel by Marcus Olozulu - Back Cover
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