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The book I'm setting myself up to write is a story about a boy becoming a man in every sense of the word but mostly spiritually as it's the only word I can use to denote searching for inner peace. You see this boy had to make interpretations of a difficult childhood. He had to put things in place to enable him to see the world as a fun place to be. More so because the boy's childhood was lacking in love or the boy's perception of what love should be - an important lesson which I will explore in the book. There was a consistent battle with self and a persevering struggle to identify with the world.

I always hoped that I would write/type something special, something uplifting, meaningful and inspiring. Something to help conjure up connecting authentically with others as this has been and remains my biggest joy. (Quite a few people in my life who have allowed for this authentic space. I cannot thank you enough - you all know who you are).

Marcus Olozulu - Author photo

So far it has been a somewhat scary acknowledgement putting my truth to paper/screen as some of it is shameful and taboo (at least in my judgemental mind anyway). But my hope is that with the emphasis placed on openness and stark honesty, people will relate and be drawn in and hopefully be inspired and thrilled by the ride that is our life. People will see like I did that our journey through painful times is just how it is meant to be. We must own our suffering, knowing that it is only in that space our greatness resides. I hope for my memoir to be my legacy, my mark or imprint on the world. Thanks to all who have ventured onto my web page and I am honoured to take you on a journey...If you let me. My autobiography is a huge project which I have been working on for about 20 years now on and off. It needs a mammoth load of restructuring and editing. In the meantime I have written two books and a script which I am particularly proud of and hope to share with you soon. I may just put that on here for free to see your comments and reviews. I am presently writing my third book entitled Moonite.

Wiccan is my first book and seeds of my life are scattered here and there in disguise. Along with my fascination for quantum physics, which I have attempted to simplify in the book, hopefully, whilst telling a good story. I hope to gently explain this fascinating science that I believe will one day fill in the missing gaps in the universe and explain even abstract phenomenon like love, peace and happiness once and for all. It is the science that will disentangle spirituality and indeed science itself and bring both together on an even par.

I hope each and everyone of you, especially my gay comrades and gay-friendly readers, who've purchased/downloaded this book enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed writing and sharing it with you - Marcus

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